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Slush Pile Workshop #26

With Writing Show host Paula B.

Download and listen to Slush Pile Workshop #26 here

Welcome to The Writing Show Slush Pile Workshop!

This podcast series is designed to help you practice capturing readers’ attention. Inspired by literary agent Kristin Nelson’s two-page pitch sessions, Writing Show host Paula B. will play agent and comment on your anonymous submissions on the show.

You know how important it is to hook a prospective agent or publisher in your first couple of pages. If you send your work out before it’s ready, you could squander an important opportunity. Don’t risk it. Try your material out on us first—for free!

For each work, there will be two possible outcomes:

  1. We stop reading before we get to the end. If that happens, we’ll tell you why.
  2. We like it! If we were agents, we’d be asking to see more.

Here are the submissions for Slush Pile Workshop #26:

From Below   Dark Fiction (Horror).  Missing town’s people and bloody crime scenes baffle Callow’s police sergeant Vince Skinner. What is attacking his town? Liam Burke, 11, knows; he witnessed a killing and what he saw no one would believe. He entrusts Tatha Karinjup, whose Aboriginal heritage leads them from urban legend to mythical killers from Dreamtime. With the guidance of Tatha’s grandfather, a local Elder, these two must acquire the courage and understanding to face these creatures. But with hunger fuelled attacks escalating will it be enough to save their town?

Straight and Too Narrow   Young Adult/Crime Short Story  Running, yes. Math, not so much. Who cares? But then there's this new kid who's better than me at both, and I think he likes my girlfriend. Things can't stay like this.

A Taste of You  Horror Novella.  Robin is haunted by dreams of her younger brother, Jessie, who died in a car accident a year ago. When the dead rise from their graves, Robin must fight the demons in her head as well as the walking dead to find relief from her guilt and safety from the hungry dead.

The Magic Shop  Urban Fantasy.  Marcus is a troubled youth. When his grandparents decide it would be good for him to tend the family business, a Magic Shop, Marcus is thrown into a world that he never knew existed. Not only is the family business a front, but Marcus learns that he has been marked as a dead man from the time he was born.

Host: Paula B.
Date: April 28, 2012
Running time: 55:29
File size: 27 megabytes
Rating: G