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Slush Pile Workshop #6

With Writing Show host Paula B.

Download and listen to "Slush Pile Workshop #6" here

Welcome to The Writing Show Slush Pile Workshop!

This podcast series is designed to help you practice capturing readers’ attention. Inspired by literary agent Kristin Nelson’s two-page pitch sessions, Writing Show host Paula B. will play agent and comment on your anonymous submissions on the show.

You know how important it is to hook a prospective agent or publisher in your first couple of pages. If you send your work out before it’s ready, you could squander an important opportunity. Don’t risk it. Try your material out on us first—for free!

For each work, there will be two possible outcomes:

  1. We stop reading before we get to the end. If that happens, we’ll tell you why.
  2. We like it! If we were agents, we’d be asking to see more.

Here are the submissions for Slush Pile Workshop #6:

The High Cost of Living  Science fiction. Ponce is afraid to die and is about to discover to what ends he will go to stave off death permanently.

The Big Whatever  Pulp Noir meets Urban Fantasy. A private detective on the trail of a missing twin uncovers the hidden fabric of his world, and the truth of his own reality.

Do Justice, Love Mercy  Historical fiction. In an age when women were considered mentally deficient, immoral, and property of men, Ela of Salisbury was a powerful countess, founder and abbess of Lacock Abbey, and even Sheriff of Wiltshire. She was one of only two women to act as Sheriff in England over a period of 1000 years. Losing her husband to death under mysterious circumstances, she grew to love mercy, but did she ever find the justice she sought?

A Long Walk  Commercial fiction. Faced with a crossroads in each of their lives, two old friends, suddenly reunited by tragedy, drop everything and walk from Northern California to New York City.

Host: Paula B.
Date: November 7, 2010
Running time: 53:32
File size: 26 megabytes
Rating: PG