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Promoting Your Book at Film Festivals

With author/film festival organizer Jason R. Davis

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You don't have to be a screenwriter or filmmaker to promote your books at film festivals.

Writer/filmmaker Jason R. Davis founded the Chicago Horror Film Festival and the Indy Horror Film Festival. He is also the president of Festivals of Fright. He plans to start a new film festival in 2011.

Jason has written and directed many short films and published short stories. In 2009, he completed his first novel, Inside the Mirrors. To keep all rights available, he started a self-publishing company, where he currently has an open call for submissions for a zombie horror anthology. He plans to help other writers through this new venture, which allows authors to retain complete control of their works.

Interviewee: Jason R. Davis
Host: Paula B.
Date: August 15, 2010
Running time: 27:12
File size: 13 megabytes
Rating: G
Jason R. Davis' Web sites:; FoF Publishing;; Festivals of Fright; Chicago Horror Fest; Indy Horror Filmfest; Gatlin Pictures

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