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About Procrastination

With self-help author and creative writing teacher Zhana

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If you procrastinate, this is the show for you!

Zhaha's work focuses on the healing of humanity and our planet, with a particular focus on the healing of the people of the African continent and diaspora: individual and collective healing; physical, mental and emotional healing; healing our families and our communities. To that aim she has written several books, including Black Success Stories and Success Strategies for Black People. She also edits the More Black Success free ebooks.

Her ebook Write Your Book in Two Days is for all writers, particularly for nonfiction writers of all backgrounds.

Interviewee: Zhana
Host: Paula B.
Date: July 4, 2010
Running time: 52:21
File size: 25 megabytes
Rating: G
Zhana's Web sites: Writers' Secrets blog; Write Your Book in Two Days; Interview with Lisa See - Why Visualization Doesn't Work; Nonviolent Communication; Interview with Buchi Emecheta