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Writing Fiction, with Estevan Vega

With Estevan Vega, author of ARSON and other novels

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This week’s guest is 21 years old and just published his third novel, ARSON. Find out what makes this extraordinary young writer tick.

"Close your eyes. Close your eyes and picture this."

These simple words inspired a disinterested 10-year-old Estevan Vega to write, changing everything. 

Vega was born in 1989 in Connecticut, where he currently resides. Growing up, he fell in love with sketching comic book superheroes, watching movies, and listening to rock music. While his passion for art remains, he now focuses on creating his own works rather than copying someone else’s.

When Vega was 12, he knew he wanted to be a writer, so he began Servant of the Realm, which became his first published book. Though the book wasn’t a national bestseller, it became the catalyst for everything that was to come. The Sacred Sin, a dark psychological thriller about a soul-stealing madman, was released three years later to considerable acclaim. These two published titles spawned a number of radio and television interviews, along with a blog tour and a book tour.

But Vega felt there was a more important story lurking inside of him--one that wanted out.

His slow and intense rise into the literary world is rather fitting, considering the slow and intense burn that remains long after you read the final page of his latest and most personal novel to date, ARSON. Part realistic, part supernatural, Arson is a beautiful and breathtaking blend of regret and redemption.

Estevan Vega’s ultimate goal as a writer is to walk the red carpet at a Hollywood premiere. Stay tuned.

Interviewee: Estevan Vega
Host: Paula B.
Date: May 23, 2010
Running time: 49:30
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Rating: G
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