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Publishers' Secrets for Successful Manuscripts
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With E. Keith "JB" Howick, author of Blow Us Away! Publishers' Secrets for Successful Manuscripts  

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Want to get published? This week's guest has some advice for you. If you're serious, you'll listen.

JB Howick is president of WindRiver Publishing, Inc. and author of Blow Us Away! Publishers' Secrets for Successful Manuscripts, recently announced as a finalist for the ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award, Writing category.

A former technical writer with a background in marketing, Howick has developed four imprints--WindRiver Publishing, Mapletree Publishing Company, Trumpet Media, and Silverton House Publishing--representing 69 published and in-development titles. A regular contributor to Publish-L, an email discussion group for small- and mid-sized publishers, Howick is passionate about helping authors succeed.

Interviewee: E. Keith "JB" Howick  
Host: Paula B.
Date: April 18, 2010
Running time: 52:41
File size: 25 megabytes
Rating: G
JB Howick's Web sites: WindRiver Publishing, Mapletree Publishing, Trumpet Media, Silverton House Publishing

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