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Writing Flash Fiction

With Michael Wilson, author of Flash Writing: How to Write, Revise and Publish Stories Less Than 1000 Words Long, featuring guest host Alanna Klapp

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Flash fiction is hot! This week's guest, a longtime flash fiction devotee, offers a primer on the art.

Michael Wilson has been teaching creative writing classes and facilitating writers' groups for more than a decade. He's been a featured guest speaker at the Thurber House, the Maumee Valley Writers Conference, and the Columbus Writers Conference.

Michael's first book is one of the pioneering works on writing flash fiction. Flash Writing: How to Write, Revise and Publish Stories Less Than 1000 Words Long, was published in October 2004. Michael also writes a quarterly column about flash fiction for flashquake.

He is the creator of the JumpStart Jar, a unique tool to help writers come up with story ideas.

Michael publishes two blogs: Grist for the Muse and The 15-Minute Writer. Grist for the Muse is designed to get you writing and keep you writing through the use of writing exercises, advice, book and Web site reviews, and observations about the writing life. The 15-Minute Writer is designed to help you find and manage time to write and achieve your creative writing dreams in 15-minutes a day.

Michael is available for coaching, manuscript critiques, writers' group facilitation, and customized writing or creativity training. He can be reached at, on Facebook (, or as flash_writer on Twitter.

Interviewee: Michael Wilson
Host: Alanna Klapp
Date: March 21, 2010
Running time: 55:37
File size: 27 megabytes
Rating: G
Michael Wilson's Web sites: Grist for the Muse; The 15-Minute Writer: Helping you achieve your writing dreams in just 15 minutes a day;;

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