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I Make Money By Giving Stuff Away
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With Jonathan Harnum, author of All About Trumpet and other books

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Jon Harnum is one of those rare writers who makes money by giving away his books for free. Find out how he does it.

A lifelong Alaskan, Jonathan Harnum is currently in the lower 48 continuing his music studies as a Ph.D. student in music education at Northwestern University. Jon's research interests include music practice, secondary "general" music, community music, and adult music education. One of his favorite projects was teaching and conducting research with retired adults as they learned to compose music on the computer using the GarageBand program. He is currently immersed in reading all research on music practice.

Jon is the author of Basic Music Theory: How to Read, Write, and Understand Written Music, Sound the Trumpet: How to Blow Your Own Horn, and a supplement,  Basic Music Theory: Quiz Pack, all of which he published himself.  All About Trumpet was published by the Hal Leonard Corporation in the spring of 2008. Jon's next book, The Practice of Practice, will be out in 2011; his blog on this topic can be found at

Jon lives in Chicago with his wife, Michelle, and their dog, Skwirl.

Interviewee: Jonathan Harnum
Host: Paula B.
Date: February 21, 2010
Running time: 49:42 minutes
File size: 24 megabytes
Rating: G
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