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The Importance of Detail

With fiction/nonfiction writer Erin O'Brien, featuring guest host Alanna Klapp

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Want to make your writing come alive? Infuse it with detail. 

Erin O'Brien lives and works in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. She was born in 1965, became a wife in 1992 and a mom in 1997. She abandoned her career as an electrical engineer in 1995 to write. She owns a little red motorcycle, a Mini Cooper, and a lamp that is shaped like a martini glass.


Erin has a special message for Writing Show listeners: 

Thanks to everyone who listens to my interview with Alanna Klapp on The Writing Show. Here are links to the essays I mentioned during our talk:

The story of the magic hat: Wear it Well.

An essay for The Los Angeles Times on my brother John O'Brien's posthumously published novel: Clues in John O'Brien's Better.

A Christmas-in-July story about my dad, a tractor, and a string of lights: Lights for the Lawnmower.

And a couple of shorts on life's unfortunate ends: An open letter to Colgate Palmolive and Irritating ends.

For additional links and information, please visit my homepage.

Yours in letters,

Erin O'Brien

Interviewee: Erin O'Brien
Host: Alanna Klapp
Date: December 6, 2009
Running time: 26:09
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