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2009 Ghast Fest: "Crosshair"

With Scott Middlemist, author of "Crosshair"


Scott Middlemist's short story "Crosshair" is one of two we selected for our 2009 Halloween ghast fest.

"A sniper mistakenly kills two boys in Iraq and their ghosts seek revenge."

Scott Middlemist is a book junkie who craves language to feed his imagination. He is gratefully addicted to the rush that comes from imposing ideas on blank sheets of paper.

Scott was born in Minneapolis in 1968 but has lived in Phoenix, Arizona most of his life, spending the last sixteen as an English teacher and coach at Brophy Prep. His wife, Annie, and their sons, Jack and Ryan, keep him sane; their love drives his writing.

Author: Scott Middlemist
Date: October 25, 2009
Running time: 20:45
File size: 10 megabytes
Rating: PG for language, violence, and gore