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The Wit and Wisdom of Hollywood Writer Bill Grundfest

With Bill Grundfest, writer/producer of "Mad About You" and many other TV shows


This is a different kind of show that was never intended to be a show at all. “Mad About You” writer/producer Bill Grundfest had approached me about publicizing his Write Like A Pro workshops in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and we were recording a few sound bytes to use in his promos. As we were talking, Bill would keep saying, How about another one?” and I’d say, “Sure. Let’s do it!” It didn’t take long for me to realize that Bill’s wit and wisdom would make a great show, so I proposed the idea, and he said, “Fantastic!”

Bill’s credits include writing and/or producing "Mad About You" with Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt; "That's Life" with Paul Sorvino and Ellen Burstyn; Oxygen's "Campus Ladies;" HBO's "Mind of the Married Man;" and Richard Pryor's final two projects: Showtime's "Pryor Offenses" based on Richard's characters, and "The Richard Pryor 'I Ain't Dead Yet, Mutha#$%!'" Comedy Special for Comedy Central. Bill also wrote the 2009 Emmy telecast and just delivered Season 2 of "Exes& Ohs:" a single camera lesbian "Friends" for Viacom's gay network, LOGO.

Bill’s Write Like a Pro workshops will take place October 24th and 25th in Los Angeles and October 31st and November 1st in San Francisco. You can get $100 off the workshop price of $395 by registering online using the promo code PAULA. For more information about the workshops—and Bill—visit This is a unique opportunity to work with a successful Hollywood writer who’ll tell you exactly like it is, and I do mean work. This isn’t a lecture series, but a hands-on session in which you will actually write. Bill doesn’t give workshops very often, so don’t miss this incredible oppportunity!

Interviewee: Bill Grundfest
Host: Paula B.
Date: October 11, 2009
Running time: 25:55
File size:  13 megabytes
Rating: G
Bill Grundfest's writers' workshop Web site: