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Roundtable #7: How Writing Changed My Life #1
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With authors Melissa Mendelson, Mike Plested, and David Silva

From left: Melissa Mendelson, Mike Plested, David Silva


Join us for this inspiring show in which three writers explain how writing has changed their lives.

Melissa Mendelson is an author and poet. Her prose poetry collections include Silent Dreams and Tears of Sand.  She appeared on "Homework," an ABC News program, in 2007 and in Cinematherapy, 2008. She was a news reporter for Long Island's Smithtown Messenger and wrote freelance for The Photo News. Her poetry has been published by The Outreach for Breast Health Foundation and appears in Names in a Jar: A Collection of Poetry by 100 Contemporary American Poets. Her short stories have been published by Bartleby Snopes Literary Magazine, The Subway Chronicles, and Literary Masters, Inc.

Michell Plested is an amateur writer with three completed books and a handful of short-stories to his credit. Two of the books, a YA adventure and an adult fantasy, are currently in front of publishers. Michell is the creator of the podcast "Get Published," featuring guest writers, editors and agents. He is currently doing final edits on a book that is rumored to be on next year's release schedule for a small press. You can read Michell's blog entries and book reviews and hear episodes of "Get Published" at .

David Wayne Silva is an eighty-year-old retired teacher and school administrator who spent 38 years working with teachers, children, and parents of all races and backgrounds. In that capacity, he found himself providing a good deal of family counseling. After the death of his wife, he met others who were seeking help and soon found himself facilitating a counseling group for widowers. The author of two nonfiction books and a collection of short stories, Silva encourages other seniors to write their own stories and memoirs. He now lectures senior citizen groups on living with the problems of aging. Suddenly, he says, life is once again an adventure, and aging is only a necessary annoyance.

Interviewees: Melissa Mendelson, Mike Plested, and David Silva
Host: Paula B.
Date: June 7, 2009
Running time: 37:01
File size: 18 megabytes
Rating: G
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