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Five Essential Rules for Writing Nonfiction
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With editor/author Cynthia Clampitt


Highly experienced editor Cynthia Clampett discusses her five rules for writing nonfiction and offers up some amazing horror stories of writers gone wrong.

Cynthia Clampitt is a freelance writer, culinary historian, and world traveler. So far, she has visited 37 countries on six continents, from Mongolia to Morocco, India to Iceland, Ecuador to Egypt. Her current life is anchored in the journey recounted in her book, Waltzing Australia, a journey that marked her departure from the corporate world. Clampitt has written hundreds of articles for magazines and newsletters, including an award-winning food history column, and has written history, geography, and language arts materials for every major educational publisher in the U.S., including the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

Interviewee: Cynthia Clampitt
Host: Paula B.
Date: February 22, 2009
Running time: 57:04
File size: 27megabytes
Rating: G
Cynthia Clampitt's Web sites: Waltzing Australia; The World's Fare

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