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2008 Holiday Short Story Celebration, with Jamie Crothall: "A Flamin' Good Christmas Story"
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With writer Jamie Crothall and a reading of his story "A Flamin' Good Christmas Story"

Jamie Crothall, left; Michael Austin, right.


Read the text of Jamie's story here

"Some divine messages come from upon high, while some come from the East End."

Jamie Crothall (the author) has a wife, two kids, a mini-van, a mortgage, and works at a large corporation. As a result, his two favourite hobbies are Jack Daniels and writing. He was born in Gravesend, England (a community on the Thames where they mythically dumped all the plague victims). He was raised in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada (a mining community plagued by harsh winters). He is currently living in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada (a not-so bad place, actually). He has been writing for 17 years and aspires to one day be taken seriously.

E. B. Michael Austin (the reader) is a family man, an un-civil servant, and an actor...though not necessarily in that order. Michael grew up in Lennoxville, Québec, and now lives in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. A self-described Shakespeare geek, Michael has performed in six of The Bard's plays in such diverse roles as Malvolio, Friar Lawrence, and Shylock. Michael loves Christmas!

Interviewee: Jamie Crothall
Reader: Michael Austin
Date: December 14, 2008
Running time: 29:42
File size: 14 megabytes
Rating: PG for language and sexual references
Jamie Crothall's Web site: Jamie