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Publishing Economics
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With Carolyn Hayes Uber, president of Stephens Press


It may come as no surprise that most published authors don't understand the economics of their industry. This week's guest offers some enlightenment for those of us who are still in the dark.

Carolyn Hayes Uber is president of Stephens Press, LLC, the book publishing division of Stephens Media. Headquartered in Las Vegas on the campus of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the company publishes books on a wide variety of subjects, often collaborating with newspapers or other media organizations. Stephens has published books on topics such as the history of boxing, an insider's celebrity guide to Las Vegas, a guide to southwestern road trips, a children's history textbook of Las Vegas, and even an examination of the sex industry in Nevada.

Carolyn is herself the author of Traveling Smart: The Know-Before-You-Go Guide to International Travel, but these days she much prefers bringing the words of others to print.

"Grammy" to three adorable grandkids, Carolyn splits her time each week between California and Nevada - a lifestyle she claims is not as chaotic as it sounds, although she frequently forgets which refrigerator needs milk!

Please join Carolyn Hayes Uber and Paula B. as they explore:

  • Where the money comes from when publishers start up
  • What sources of income publishers have
  • What publishers spend their money on
  • How much booksellers and wholesalers pay for books
  • How Amazon affects publishers and authors
  • What industry practice makes her tear her hair out
  • What she considers the most astonishing fact of publishing economics.

Interviewee: Carolyn Hayes Uber
Host: Paula B.
Date: September 21, 2008
Running time: 1:08:56
File size: 33 megabytes
Rating: G
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