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Makeover #1: Ann Paden and Jim Nevling
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With freelance editor Ann Paden and writer Jim Nevling

Ann Paden left; Jim Nevling


With this podcast, we launch our new makeover series. In this fascinating and fun hands-on set of programs, our editors will critique and help you polish your work while The Writing Show community looks on. Everyone wins: writers get professional advice and encouragement; the community gets to see how it’s done, one step at a time.

We start with writer Jim Nevling and the first chapter of his novel Burned. Editor Ann Paden critiques.

Jim Nevling was born near Pittsburgh and moved to California when he was sixteen. After his U.S. Army service in Okinawa during the Viet Nam conflict, he worked in electronics,  logistics, and contracts for the U.S. Navy.  Late in his career he began his novel, Burned, which he recently completed. “The story was always there; now all I had to do was learn to write," he says. "Like most writers, I’m still learning.”

Ann Paden is a writer and editor who worked as a manuscript editor for academic and commercial presses before becoming a feature writer for a national newspaper chain and later account manager for a Chicago-based advertising agency.

Since 1990 Ann has worked as an independent writer specializing in business histories and as-told-to biographies and as an editor specializing in manuscript analysis and critique.

Jim Nevling's original first chapter of Burned

Ann Paden's critique

Jim Nevling's revised first chapter

Interviewees: Ann Paden and Jim Nevling
Host: Paula B.
Date: July 13, 2008
Running time: 01:10:33
File size: 34 megabytes
Rating: G