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With journalist Michelle V. Rafter and colleagues from LinkedIn

Michelle Rafter

From left: Doreen Dvorin, Alan Eggleston, Bill Hinchberger (photo credit David Willard), David Howard, and Walter Glenn

Not shown: Joanne Mason and Kent Oswald




This show came about in an unconventional way. Journalist Michelle V. Rafter had posted an open question on business network LinkedIn: "For freelancers, reporters and other non-fiction types: how do you write short?"

The answers she got were so impressive that we thought, "This would make a great show!" And it does. Michelle's commentary and her responders' tips comprise this brief but pithy podcast full of great techniques for "writing short."

Michelle Vranizan Rafter is a Portland, Oregon, freelance writer covering technology, workplace issues, and business. Her current clients include Inc. magazine's tech Web site,; Workforce Management; and Oregon Business. She's written for The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Industry Standard, Internet World, and Reuters, and was previously a staff writer at The Orange County Register. Rafter started a blog called WordCount in September 2007 to dish about freelance writing in the 21st century.

The other participants are:

  • Doreen Dvorin, a writer by trade and a problem solver by inclination. Her advertising career includes "...all the right agencies; all the right awards" and she's not stopping yet. Doreen established what was the most successful copywriting program in the country and believes her 15 years of teaching is merely an extension of her work.


  • Alan Eggleston, a Web writer and editor from Michigan with a love of words and a passion for brevity. He learned his craft during more than 10 years writing for the Internet and more than 20 years writing for print.


  • Walter Glenn, who has been working in the computer industry for 20 years and writing for 10. He has a degree in literature from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, the city in which he works as a consultant, trainer, and award-winning writer.


  • Bill Hinchberger, a native Californian who's been working as a journalist in Brazil since 1986. A former correspondent in Brazil for The Financial Times, Business Week, Advertising Age, and Variety, he now contributes to publications likeARTnews, Metropolis, National Wildlife, and Scienceas well as The Brazil Reader anthology (Duke University Press) and The Green Globe Yearbook 1993(Oxford University Press).


  • David Howard, a technology marketing consultant and writer in the San Francisco Bay area, focused on helping young technology companies grow.


  • Freelance writer Joanne Mason, who lives in Massachusetts and has published essays in the Boston Sunday Globe, Field Notes, and Verbatim.


  • Kent Oswald, a book and magazine editor currently freelancing as a writer (; Draftmagazine; U.S. Airways Magazine, etc.), as well as producing

Interviewee: Michelle Rafter
Host: Paula B.
Date: June 1, 2008
Running time: 34:22
File size: 17 megabytes
Rating: G

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