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Is There Such a Thing as an Erotic Comedy?
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With Robin Slick, author of the erotic/romantic comedy novel Three Days in New York City


Should you write the story that speaks to you, or should you find out what publishers want and then write? This week's guest learned the hard way.

Robin Slick is a fiction writer living in downtown Philadelphia (when she's not a groupie paying homage to her rock star kids). Her light-hearted erotic novels include Three Days in New York City and its sequel, Another Bite of the Apple. She is editor of and contributor to two short story collections, Thirty Nine and Holding...Him and 39 and Still Holding.

Please join Robin and host Paula B. as they get a good laugh out of:

  • What's so funny about sex
  • How she discovered that New York publishers are more wedded to genre formulas than she thought
  • How she ended up succeeding in a niche she isn't comfortable in (and is having trouble breaking out of)
  • Why HBO wants her
  • Why she felt out of place at the Romantic Times convention
  • How bookstore buyers are even more powerful than she realized.

Interviewee: Robin Slick
Host: Paula B.
Date: April 20, 2008
Running time: 48:06
File size:  23 megabytes
Rating: Explicit sex!
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