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Dealing with Shyness
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With author/journalist Karen Laven


Are you shy? Many writers are, and it can affect our ability to create and promote our work.

This week's guest bravely discusses her almost-crippling shyness while revealing some of her unconventional methods for battling it.

Karen Laven has been a newspaper feature writer and photographer. Her award-winning poetry, short fiction, and humor essays have appeared in publications across America. 

Karen's book-length fiction includes the young adult novel Quit Bugging Me! Her nonfiction book, Cincinnati Ghosts and other Tri-State Haunts, will be released in spring/summer of 2008; she is currently compiling tales for two more haunted titles.

Karen resides in Northern Kentucky with her husband, Doug, and two sons, Jake and Luke.

Please join us for this candid look at an all-too-common problem as Karen explains:

  • How shyness has dogged her throughout her life and career
  • What sorts of situations make her the most and least nervous
  • Whether the nature and degree of her shyness has changed over time
  • How she feels when she knows she has to do interviews or appearances
  • How she feels during and after interviews and appearances
  • Why she thinks she's so shy
  • How she battles her shyness
  • What she advises other shy writers to do.

Interviewee: Karen Laven
Host: Paula B.
Date: January 13, 2008
Running time: 47:28
File size:  23 megabytes
Rating: G
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