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A Writer's Legacy: Walter Macken. Featuring Guest Hosts Mick Halpin and Rafael Guzmán
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With Father Walter Macken, Jr., son of the late Irish novelist Walter Macken


Every writer's dream is to create a legacy that lives on, informing and inspiring readers for generations after they themselves have perished.

Ireland's most popular historical novelist, Walter Macken, who died in 1967, did just that. This week's show features a conversation between Dublin-based linguist Rafael Guzmán and Father Walter Macken, Jr., the son of Walter Macken, recorded earlier this year to mark the 40th anniversary of Macken's death. In this fascinating talk, Father Walter Macken Jr. candidly discusses his father's life and legacy, motivations, and methods. Why have Macken's novels remained so popular? What importance and relevance do they retain today?

Rafa is Webmaster at, where you can create a multimedia experience while listening to the show by browsing through photos, excerpts, and mementos. The site also contains an in-depth biographical essay.

After the conversation, Mick Halpin interviews Rafael Guzmán and then presents one of his inimitable unruly reviews, this time of Macken's 1962 novel The Silent People.

Interviewee: Father Walter Macken, Jr.
Host: Mick Halpin, Rafael Guzmán
Date: December 23, 2007
Running time: 54:24
File size: 39
Rating: G
The Walter Macken Web site:
Rafael Guzmán's Web site: