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Our 2007 Holiday Short Story Celebration
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With Eric Pliner and Tim Tucker

Eric Pliner, left; Tim Tucker, right



Welcome to our 2007 holiday short story celebration!

This week we present two hilarious stories submitted by Writing Show listeners Eric Pliner ("Santa Baby") and Tim Tucker ("That Day in the Manger").

We had asked for stories of 4,000 words or less with a December holiday theme: Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, or the winter solstice. (Technically you could have written about New Year's Eve too, but no one did.) All the stories we received were excellent! We wish we could have featured all of them.

We will be doing this again next year, and we hope to see a submission from you! (We're planning on paying from now on too--an extra incentive!)

Eric Pliner is a writer and educator living in New York City. His play Spooky Dog & the Teen-age Gang Mysteries, an adult parody of Saturday morning cartoons developed with collaborator Amy Rhodes, is forthcoming in print and for licensing from Samuel French, Inc. in 2008. Eric is also an award-winning theater director and is the writer of Make-up Work, about high school students performing in blackface. His published essays and memoir include "The Cantor and Carol Channing" and "Reform Jew" in the Lambda Literary Award-nominated anthologies Mentsh (Alyson Press) and Coming Out Young and Faithful (Pilgrim Press), respectively, and "Aunt Ethel and the Chocolate Surprise" and "The Birthday Call" in the Simple Pleasures series from Conari Press.

Eric's work has also been featured in The Subway Chronicles, Interfaith Family, and on stage at former East Village nightclub Fez. Professionally, he is a co-author of the National Health Education Standards, 2nd Edition, and serves on the staff of the New York City Department of Education.

Tim Tucker is a freelance writer who creates and designs Web sites, online help, training resources, and marketing pieces for businesses and non-profit organizations. Tim has more than 12 years of experience in IT and writing for a variety of media. His ongoing quest is to discover innovative practices for joining the often-separated fields of writing and design so businesses and organizations can fulfill their missions of improving our world.

Tim is both a stay-at-home and work-at-home dad. In the nooks and crannies among parenting, writing, and working, he reads everything from fantasy and sci-fi to books about search engine optimization and unwinds by working Sudoku or Kakuro puzzles. Since becoming a tired parent, Tim has discovered the beauty of audiobooks and podcasts, which allow you to read with your eyes closed.

Tim lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his beautiful, wise, and sage-like wife, Mary, and their irrepressible, two-year-old bundle of kinetic energy, Jonas.

After each writer reads his story, he joins Writing Show host Paula B. to talk about writing.

Interviewee: Eric Pliner and Tim Tucker
Host: Paula B
Date: December 16, 2007
Running time: Eric, 46:28; Tim, 01:10:55
File size: Eric, 22 megabytes; Tim, 34 megabytes
Rating: Eric PG (language); Tim G
Eric Pliner's Web site:
Tim Tucker's Web site: