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Writing the Sports Memoir
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With Steve Reilly, author of The Fat Lady Never Sings: How a Football Team Found Redemption on the Baseball Diamond


This week's guest may be a debut writer, but to my mind he's one of the best wordsmiths I've ever encountered. How did he do it? You might be surprised when you find out.

I guarantee that no matter what you write, this show will inspire and help you with your writing!

Since 1976, Steven M. Reilly has coached baseball in Connecticut's Lower Naugatuck Valley.

He has coached Babe Ruth, Senior Babe Ruth and American Legion teams and has spent the last 20 years assisting high school coaches. He assisted at Derby High School from 1986-1995; Emmett O'Brien Regional Vocational Technical School in 1996; Seymour High School from 1997-2006; and Derby High School again in 2007. He continues to coach a summer Senior Babe Ruth team and fall league team in Derby.

A practicing Attorney since 1980 with an office in Oxford, Connecticut (, Reilly and his wife, Suzanne, live in Seymour, Connecticut.

Please join Steve and host Paula B. as they explore:

  • Why readers should care about a fifteen-year-old high school baseball season
  • How Steve achieves sparkling description and lively characters
  • Why he likes the number three
  • How his commentary spices up the narrative
  • How he remembered so many minute details
  • What hyphenated words do for his style
  • How he achieves a cinematic effect.

Interviewee: Steven M. Reilly
Host: Paula B
Date: November 18, 2007
Running time: 01:47:51
File size:  39 megabytes
Rating: G
Steve Reilly's Web site: The Fat Lady Never Sings

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