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As a relative newcomer to the self-publishing world, has garnered quite a bit of attention with its unorthodox business model. Let's get the straight scoop on what is--and isn't--from the horse's mouth.

Nick Popio serves as a communications specialist at He works with community development, monitors and manages user content ratings and copyright, builds strategic marketing partnerships, contributes to e-marketing, and represents Lulu at events.

Nick previously ran Lulu’s online forums, wrote and distributed creator newsletters, and managed the online community. Prior to his role at Lulu, he was Online Content Manager for RCL, Inc in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Nick graduated from Guilford College with a B.A. in philosophy and minors in psychology and computer and information systems. In his free time, he enjoys role-playing games, comic books and manga, brooding, science fiction, and philosophizing.

Please join Nick and host Paula B. as they ponder:

  • What does
  • How the company makes its revenue
  • How much it costs to publish through
  • How many copies of their books authors typically sell
  • Whether the company rejects manuscripts
  • How they let authors know what to expect as far as sales and income are concerned
  • Whether is a vanity press.

Interviewee: Nick Popio
Host: Paula B
Date: November 11, 2007
Running time: 39:16
File size:  15 megabytes
Rating: G's Web site: