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Halloween Ghast Fest, with Rick Kennett

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With horror writer Rick Kennett

Rick Kennett


“It wasn’t an innocent game ”

Welcome to day 3 of our 2007 Halloween Ghast Fest featuring members of the Australian Horror Writers Association. This year we hear from widely published writer Rick Kennett for the first time. Rick is too modest to read his ghost story “Chinese Whispers,” so you’ll have the pleasure of hearing Alan Chaney read it. The story has been published in two places: Agog #1, 2002, and Weird Tales #340, May-June 2006. After the reading, Rick joins me to talk about writing.

Rick Kennett is one of the most prolific and widely-published Australian authors. A number of his ghost stories feature the recurring character Ernie Pine, known as “the reluctant ghost-hunter.” Some of his work falls into the science fiction genre, but even there, many stories feature ghosts. The St. James Guide to Horror, Ghost and Gothic Writers points out that Rick is “really the one Australian writer to have produced a substantial body of work in the ghost-story field.” You can find a long list of his publications on his Web site.

Rick tells me that the Ernie Pine novella In Quinn’s Paddock is being adapted as a screenplay by an independent movie maker across town from him. Way to go, Rick!

Interviewee: Rick Kennett
Host: Paula B
Sound: “People - group discussion” by Harley Toberman
Date: October 25, 2007
Running time: 48:26 minutes
File size: 30 megabytes
Rating: G
Rick’s Web site: Rick Kennett
The Australian Horror Writers Web site

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