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Writing for Television, with David Simon, Creator of "The Wire," Featuring Host Bob Andelman

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With David Simon, creator of “The Wire,” featuring host Bob Andelman

Bob Andelman, left, interviews David Simon



If you haven’t seen “The Wire,” you may still be familiar with David Simon’s work. A former Baltimore Sun crime reporter, David is the writer that the Baltimore Chamber of Commerce no doubt loves to hate, having co-authored (with Edward Burns) the Baltimore-based book, The Corner: A Year in the Life of an Inner City Neighborhood, and the subsequent HBO series, “The Corner.” David also provided the inspiration and a number of scripts for the Baltimore-based NBC show, “Homicide: Life on the Street,” which was based on another of his true crime books, Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets.



In this fascinating interview, Bob and David discuss:

  • How reality and fiction work together in David’s dramas
  • How his background as a journalist has enhanced his storytelling skills
  • How he’s able to write such realistic and compelling dialogue
  • What he does to insure that his settings and situations are believable
  • Why watching TV shows and movies isn’t the way to research how people talk
  • Why “The Wire” isn’t interested in “good and evil.”

Interviewee: David Simon
Host: Bob Andelman
Date: October 14, 2007
Running time: 40:09
File size: 29 megabytes
Rating: G
Bob Andelman’s Mr. Media Web site: Mr. Media
“The Wire” Web site: “The Wire”

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