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Self-Publishing, with iUniverse President and CEO Susan Driscoll

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With iUniverse president and CEO Susan Driscoll


This week, we continue our discussion of traditional vs. self-publishing with one of the latter’s most visible companies: iUniverse.

Susan Driscoll is president and CEO of iUniverse, a leading provider of author publishing services. Susan has held management positions at Holt, HarperCollins, and Holtzbrinck Publishers including editorial director, director of marketing, director of new media and technology, and director of operations. She joined iUniverse in July 2003 and since then has enhanced the company’s visibility by expanding iUniverse’s editorial and marketing services. Susan is passionately committed to showing authors another path toward publishing success that is focused on first achieving sales outside of traditional bookstores in order to eventually earn success within them.

She recently co-authored the book Get Published! Professionally, Affordably, Fast.

Join Susan and Paula B. as they discuss:

  • What iUniverse does
  • Whether iUniverse rejects manuscripts
  • How iUniverse authors can get their books in stores
  • Whether self-publishing is the kiss of death for an author
  • Whether iUniverse is a vanity press
  • Why authors should self-publish even though time spent reading books is declining
  • How much it costs to publish a book the traditional way vs. with iUniverse
  • How iUniverse deals with author expectations
  • How iUniverse makes its revenue.

Interviewee: Susan Driscoll
Host: Paula B.
Date: October 7, 2007
Running time: 01:00:17
File size: 29 megabytes
Rating: G
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Susan’s blog: Susan’s blog

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