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With author Jeff DeRego


We’ve heard a lot of positive buzz about self-publishing here on The Writing Show. But not everyone thinks that’s the best idea for authors. Today’s guest has some strong words for self-publishing companies and some food for thought for those considering using them. He also has some choice words for Writers Digest regarding a recent article about how to get out of the slush pile.

Jeffrey R. DeRego is a “know it all loudmouth” currently living in Derry, NH (one time home of both America’s poet, Robert Frost, and America’s first man to orbit the earth, Alan Shepard!). He has a wife, Cindy; two amazing kids, Ian and Margaret; two cats; and one horse. Jeff is the author of the Union Dues series of stories, among others, available for free download from Escape Pod. He also writes under the pseudonym Big McLargehuge for Jeff is an instructional designer and editor for a telecommunications training company.

Join Jeff and host Paula B. as they wrangle over:

  • Why Jeff isn’t exactly gung-ho about self-publishing
  • What other routes to getting published he recommends
  • Why some Writers Digest-approved branding and marketing techniques don’t help you get out of the slush pile
  • How to get out of the slush pile.

Interviewee: Jeff DeRego
Host: Paula B.
Date: June 25, 2007
Running time: 01:23:27
File size: 51 megabytes
Rating: G
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