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Roundtable #4: Face-to-Face Writing Groups

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With Gary Cheski, Sue Nading, and David J. Roth

From left: Sue Nading, David Roth

Gary Cheski


We looked at the workings of online critique groups with author Sean Dent in February. This week, three writers join us to explore the ins and outs of in-person groups.

Gary Cheski is a founder of the Metro Humor Writers group. He is an aspiring writer who enjoys dabbling in humor, stand-up comedy, improv, and script writing. During the day, Gary’s writing is limited to responding to endless emails in his job as an instructional designer and multimedia developer.

Sue Nading is a freelance writer who lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with her husband and four children. She has been published in regional publications such as the Corridor Business Journal, Cedar Rapids Gazette and The Woman Today as well as an honorable mention in a Writer’s Digest contest.

David J. Roth is the author of Sometimes I Hear Voices, a poetry collection. His series Adventures of the Magnificent Seven, in which he and family members appear, is being published in Writer’s Post Journal. He also writes novels, cookbooks, and nonfiction.

Please join Gary, Sue, Dave, and host Paula B. for this exciting discussion, including:

  • What a critique group should do for its participants
  • How in-person critique groups work
  • What sorts of issues arise
  • How they’ve dealt with thorny issues
  • How to attract new members
  • How online and in-person groups compare.

Interviewees: Gary Cheski, Sue Nading, and David Roth
Host: Paula B.
Date: June 11, 2007
Running time: 01:02:17
File size: 38 megabytes
Rating: G