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A Corporate Refugee Enters the Literary World

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With freelance editor Jean Durbahn



Are you workin’ for the Man and wishing you could chuck it all for the literary world? Today’s guest did just that. Find out what motivated her, how she did it, and how she’s getting along.

Jean Durbahn founded her editing business, Antrim Consulting, in 2004 for the sole purpose of polishing the written word. Before that, she spent ten years in Human Resources at Target, where she was often called upon to enhance business publications and communication.

Jean lives with her husband and two dogs in Azle, Texas, but she’s originally from Detroit and has spent most of her career in Los Angeles. She enjoys fitness, riding her motorcycle, golf, guitar lessons, horses and any book pertaining to history, politics, and forensic anthropology.

  • How she discovered what she really loves to do
  • How she ended up leaving her well-paid executive career at Target
  • What she went through to start her editing business
  • What challenges she faces as a freelancer, and how she’s meeting them
  • How she feels about having left her plum job now.

Interviewee: Jean Durbahn
Host: Paula B.
Date: April 30, 2007
Running time: 38:18
File size: 23 megabytes
Rating: G
Jean Durbahn’s Web site: Antrim Consulting