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What Does a Ghostwriter Do?

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With ghostwriter Joey Robert Parks




We’ve showcased so many great horror writers on The Writing Show that you might think this week’s guest, ghostwriter Joey Robert Parks, adds to their number. No, ghostwriting is something else entirely, as you will discover when you listen to this most entertaining of writers.

In fact, Joey is so much fun to listen to that we talked for two hours! I’ve edited our conversation down to a more manageable 100 minutes or so, but that’s just too much for one file, so I’ve formatted the show as two separate files. Enjoy!

Joey Robert Parks has spent the last 14 years covering a lot of writing ground: screenplays, stage plays, business operations manuals, pharmaceutical catalogs, novels, copywriting, ghostwriting, and short biographies for creative professionals. His first published novel is Die Reading: An Espionage Fable. He hosts a creative roundtable in Phoenix, Arizona, made up of some of the most talented photographers, artists, designers, musicians, and writers in the area.

Join Joey and Writing Show host Paula B. for a riproaring discussion of ghostwriting, including:

  • What ghostwriting is
  • How he finds clients
  • What the ghostwriting process consists of
  • How he makes clients feel comfortable with him and the process
  • How he deals with the business aspects of ghostwriting
  • What happens if he doesn’t like the client, or vice versa
  • What he does when a project doesn’t interest him
  • What sorts of issues come up when ghostwriting a book
  • What the pay for ghostwriting is like
  • What his duties as a ghostwriter are and aren’t
  • Who holds the copyright to a ghostwritten work
  • What advice he has for those considering going into ghostwriting.

Interviewee: Joey Robert Parks
Host: Paula B
Date: March 29, 2007
Running time part 1: 01:11:37
Running time part 2: 38:07
File size part 1: 43 megabytes
File size part 2: 23 megabytes
Rating: G
Joey Robert Parks’ Web site:

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