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The Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition

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With Scriptapalooza president and co-founder Mark Andrushko


Having trouble getting a Hollywood production company to read your screenplay? Submit it to the Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition, and they will!

Fourteen years ago, Mark Andrushko packed his bags and headed west from his native Chicago to become the next Brad Pitt. That didn’t work out, but Mark didn’t give up. Having started the competition with very few contacts, he began cold-calling producers and pitching Scriptapalooza winners. Soon, the word spread around town, and Mark was courted by agents, managers, and producers all looking for scripts.

In the nine years that Scriptapalooza has been running, Mark has been instrumental in getting contestants’ scripts optioned and sold to Hollywood and has gained the support of the Writers Guild of America West and the Writers Guild of Canada.

Join Mark and host Paula B. for a fascinating conversation about Scriptapalooza, including:

  • What the contest offers its winners
  • Who reads the scripts, and how many scripts each judge reads
  • How the judges grade the scripts
  • How many entries they get
  • How winners get connected with the film industry
  • Why they have three deadlines
  • Whether a film’s potential budget affects a screenplay’s chances of winning
  • Whether a lousy script hurts a contestant’s chances in the future
  • How they got so many production companies involved in the contest.

Interviewee: Mark Andrushko
Host: Paula B
Date: January 31, 2007
Running time: 28:08
File size: 21 megabytes
Rating: G
The Scriptapalooza Web site: The Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition