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Merry Christmas with Charles Dickens

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Charles John Huffam Dickens is the author of such classics as A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, David Copperfield, Oliver Twist, and the beloved A Christmas Carol. Some of his characters are the most famous in all of literature: Ebenezer Scrooge, Miss Havisham, Fagin, Little Nell, Madame DeFarge, Uriah Heep. He was born in 1812 in Portsmouth, England.

Join Mr. Dickens and host Paula B. as they discuss all things Dickens, including:

  • How and where he works
  • What it’s like to write in installments
  • How A Christmas Carol came about
  • What his “Carol philosophy” is
  • How Carol was received
  • What he keeps in his notebook Memoranda
  • How he prepares for his public readings, and how Mark Twain felt about one of them
  • How he’s fought the piracy of his intellectual property
  • What his influences are
  • How he approaches his characters.

Interviewee: Charles Dickens
Host: Paula B
Date: December 18, 2006
Running time: 39:27
File size: 29 megabytes
Rating: G

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2 Responses to “Podcast: Merry Christmas with Charles Dickens”

  1. evermeg Says:

    I just loved this podcast. How creative! Thanks. And to hear all this from such a well-known, talented author… not only entertaining but helpful!

  2. Administrator Says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it, evermeg! We had a lot of fun producing the show.

    Paula B.