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Abuse, Secrets, Lust, Lies, and More: A Novel

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With debut novelist Alethea Pascascio


“I was born in 1967, in Gary, Indiana. My father was killed by a stray bullet when I was just a baby, but my sister Nicole’s father was like a phantom that no one would dare mention. Regarding Nicole’s father, there was a rule similar to the military’s ‘Don’t ask, Don’t tell.’ Our rule was ‘You better not ask, ’cause nobody’s telling.’ That rule also applied to any inquiries about the reason for Nicole and me living with G-ma while our mother lived in an apartment across town.

My sister and I grew up without a real father figure until Mitchell came into the picture. And from the moment I laid eyes on him, I knew Mama was making a big mistake. A knot the size of my fist formed in the pit of my stomach when Mama strolled in G-ma’s house and introduced Mitchell Donnovan as her fiance. Fiance? Hell, we hadn’t even known she was dating somebody. ”

–From Alethea Pascascio’s debut novel, Bag Lady.

The cover of Alethea Pascascio’s first novel trumpets “Abuse, secrets, lust, low self-esteem, lies, deception, molestation, rejection, unforgiveness.” If that isn’t a way to get a potential reader’s attention, I don’t know what is.

But these grabbers don’t represent mere hype. This debut novel is as gripping as they come. Crack it open, and I guarantee you’ll be mesmerized.

After being an avid reader for many years, Alethea Pascascio began writing short stories for her own enjoyment. That all changed after she told some of her co-workers about one of the stories. To her surprise, they all began urging her to write a book. After a few months of deliberation, Alethea penned her debut novel, Bag Lady, a story of redemption.

Alethea holds degrees in electronics engineering and telecommunications management. She recently became a full-time mother after ten years as an engineer with a major telecommunications company.

Alethea not only gives advice, she also gives to her favorite churches and charities. She has spent many volunteer hours working with and promoting awareness for such nonprofit organizations as Reach Out Touching Lives (ROTL), which assists with the immediate needs of cancer and heart disease patients. In the future, when her load lightens, Alethea plans to volunteer her time at a local women’s shelter.

When not writing, Alethea loves to indulge her passions for traveling, attending church, watching movies, reading fiction and non-fiction, chatting with friends, shooting pool, watching NFL and NBA games, and shopping.

  • What Bag Lady is about, and why she wrote the story
  • How she keeps readers on the edge of their seats
  • How she makes her characters so realistic and vibrant
  • Why she offers discussion questions at the end of the book
  • How she planned the writing of her book
  • How the response to the book has influenced her marketing
  • How readers often confuse her main character with her
  • How her career has influenced her writing (and vice versa).

Interviewee: Alethea Pascascio
Host: Paula B
Date: November 6, 2006
Running time: 50:55
File size: 49 megabytes
Rating: PG
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