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Day 1 of the 7 Days of Halloween 2006, with the Australian Horror Writers Association

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With horror writer Robert Hood reading his short story “Peripheral Movement in the Leaves Under an Orange Tree”


What strange and deadly horrors lurk among fallen leaves down the back of this shadowy suburban yard? Come with Robert Hood as he investigates “Peripheral Movement in the Leaves Under an Orange Tree” though you may not survive what you find there!

Welcome to day 1 of the 7 days of Halloween 2006. Today Robert Hood reads his short story “Peripheral Movement in the Leaves Under an Orange Tree,” which was first published in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. After the reading, Rob joins us for a talk about writing.

Robert Hood has been writing stories within the horror/SF genres for several decades. Among his books are the short-story collections Day-dreaming on Company Time (FIP, 1988) and Immaterial: Ghost Stories (MirrorDanse Books, 2002), as well as a number of novels. In 2005, he co-edited Daikaiju! Giant Monster Tales (with Robin Pen, Agog! Press), a unique collection of original stories from around the world inspired by the Japanese tradition of giant monster films (the book is now available in the U.S.). Two sequels are on the way.

Upcoming stories include, among others, monstrous tales in the U.S. anthology Monster Noir, the Dr. Who anthology Destination: Prague, Borderlands magazine, and the webzine Shadowed Realms, along with several nonfiction critical pieces. A new collection of horror stories is also on the horizon.

Interviewee: Robert Hood
Host: Paula B
Music: “Any Crime Scene” by Leigh Phillips
Date: October 25, 2006
Running time: 01:02:55 minutes
File size: 61 megabytes
Rating: PG
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