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With comic book writer Buddy Scalera




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What could be more fun than comic books? In this high-adrenaline interview, comic book writer Buddy Scalera reveals insider secrets of the comic book industry and explains how you too can write comics. Beware: you may be so inspired that you drop everything and start scribbling madly!

Buddy Scalera is a professional comic book writer and journalist. He is the author of 7 Days to Fame, a comic book series about a reality show in which contestants win by committing suicide. He has also written stories for the comic book series Deadpool, X-Men, Marvel Knights, and Marvel Millenial Visions as well as more than 100 articles on the topic of comic books. He also wrote and hosted ComixVision, a cable-access television show that explained the comic book hobby to mainstream viewers. And, with his partner Darren Sanchez, he has released the graphic novels Necrotic and Celestial Alliance. Buddy is also self-publishing Visual Reference for Comic Artists, a series of multimedia art-reference CD-ROMs.

Join Buddy and host Paula B as they explore the fabulous world of comics, including:

  • What the characteristics of good comic book writing are
  • How comic book writing differs from other kinds of writing
  • What the process is, from idea to production
  • How comic book writers work with artists and editors
  • How comic book writers decide on the number of frames per page and what goes in those frames
  • How long it takes to produce a comic book
  • What it’s like to break into the business
  • Whether comic book writers can survive financially
  • How you can produce your own comics
  • How comic books are marketed
  • Who buys comic books
  • How comics have changed over the years.


Interviewee: Buddy Scalera
Host: Paula B
Date: June 5, 2006
Running time: 01:17:06 minutes
File size: 61 megabytes
Rating: G
Buddy Scalera’s Web sites: Buddy Scalera; AHP Comics

A message from Buddy:

After my interview with Paula, I offered to write up a short list of recommended reading for fellow listeners of The Writing Show. The books listed below feature some excellent comic book stories that I recommend to adult readers. If you try something on the list based on my recommendation, I would love to hear what you think of the story. Email me at

Batman: The Killing Joke (graphic novel)

The Batman: The Killing Joke
The Batman: The Killing Joke

Batman: Year One (trade paperback)

Batman: Year One (Deluxe Edition)
Batman: Year One (Deluxe Edition)

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Ultimate Spider-Man: Vol 1 (trade paperback)

Ultimate Spider-Man: Power and Responsibility, Vol. 1
Ultimate Spider-Man: Power and Responsibility, Vol. 1

The Ultimates: Vol 1 (trade paperback)

The Ultimates Volume 1: Super-Human
The Ultimates Volume 1: Super-Human

Ultimate Fantastic Four: Vol 1 (trade paperback)

Ultimate Fantastic Four, Volume 1: The Fantastic
Ultimate Fantastic Four, Volume 1: The Fantastic

Miracleman: Vol 1 (trade paperback)
Astro City: Vol 1 (trade paperback)
Powers: Who Killed Retro Girl? Vol 1 (trade paperback)
Identity Crisis: (trade paperback)
Kingdom Come: (trade paperback)
Marvels: (trade paperback)
Daredevil: Frank Miller: Vol 1 (trade paperback)
Daredevil: Out (trade paperback)
Watchmen: (trade paperback)

Fables: All vols. (trade paperback)
Sandman: All vols. (trade paperback)
Preacher: All vols. (trade paperback)
Concrete: All vols. (trade paperback)
Y-The Last Man: All vols. (trade paperback)
Give Me Liberty: All vols. (trade paperback)
Cerebus: Vol 1 (trade paperback)
Bone: Vol 1 (trade paperback)
Strangers in Paradise: All vols. (trade paperback)
Box Office Poison: (trade paperback)

Box Office Poison - New Edition
Box Office Poison - New Edition

Tricked: (trade paperback)


7 Days to Fame: By Buddy Scalera – See

Most of these books are available at local comic book stores, at, or at larger book retailers like Barnes & Nobles. To find a comic book store in your area, go to the Comic Shop Locator Service. Just type in your zip code, and it will generate a list of stores in your area.

NOTE: A graphic novel usually applies to a self-contained story. A trade paperback usually collects a series of issues from an ongoing series or from a specific mini series. Either way, it’s usually easiest and cheapest to pick up collected editions, rather than individual issues. It’s usually best to start with Vol. 1 on any comic.




Purchase Buddy’s photo reference book at Barnes & Noble:

Comic Artists Photo Reference People & Poses
Comic Artists Photo Reference People & Poses

2 Responses to “Podcast: Writing Comic Books”

  1. JTennant Says:

    I almost skipped listening to this interview because, frankly, I haven’t paid much attention to comic books since my Betty and Veronica days.
    What a mistake that would have been!
    I did listen, and found Buddy Scalera’s to be an upbeat, engaging voice, with much to say about the writing process in general, not just that to do with comic books, and an enthusiasm that’s contagious. His description of the ‘Seven Days to Fame’ series was so compelling– especially to a reality television lover like myself– that I’m ready to to put aside my prejudices to take another look at the comic book format.

  2. Administrator Says:

    Hi, J,

    He was inspiring, wasn’t he? Even if we’re not comic book writers per se, it could be a worthwhile exercise to write our stories in comic book format to see them in a different light and work out details. I’m a great advocate of looking at things in a variety of ways.

    Paula B.