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Q & A #1: Self-Published Authors Who Want to Go Mainstream

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John Bryans, left. Olga Gardner Galvin, center. Sue Lutz Hamilton, right.

Welcome to The Writing Show’s very first Q & A podcast!

To kick off our new series, we examine what happens to self-published authors who want to pitch their work to traditional publishers. We asked three publishers for their take:

Many thanks to Steve Tupper, a 2005 NaNoWriMo participant, for submitting the question:

Suppose that an author has self-published through Lulu, etc. but the author still wants the validation of being published by a major publisher. Does the fact that the author has self-published the book (print, e-book, etc.) that the author is submitting turn off publishers who might otherwise consider picking up the book? Would the author be sticking his thumb in the eye of a major publisher by submitting a copy of the Lulu-published hardcover instead of the 8.5? x 11? manuscript? Even if the author submits his manuscript on 8.5? x 11? paper like everybody else, does professional courtesy require that the author tell the publisher up front that the book has been self-published and marketed on a small scale (and I suspect that it would, being that the publisher wouldn’t be getting the actual first distribution of the book and probably deserves to know that).


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