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Editing Your Work…Aloud

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With author Micah Dubinko


All writers have a favorite way of editing their work that fits in with their personality and temperament. Today we talk with one writer who is perfecting a fascinating new method: reading his work aloud, recording it, and asking the world for feedback.

Micah Dubinko is a Senior Research Developer at Yahoo!, published nonfiction author, and geek. His book, Xforms Essentials, was published in hard copy by renowned tech publisher O’Reilly, and also online under an open content license, making it free for others to copy and modify.

Micah is currently editing his first novel, written last National Novel Writing Month, aloud on the Web.

In this fascinating interview, Micah discusses:

  • Why he decided to edit his novel aloud on the Web
  • How a typical editing session works
  • What he’s learned from editing his work this way
  • How editing aloud can help a writer produce perfect work
  • How editing a novel differs from editing a nonfiction book
  • How listeners can offer feedback on his novel.

Interviewee: Micah Dubinko
Host: Paula B
Date: May 21, 2006
Running time: 35:30 minutes
File size: 28 megabytes
Rating: G
Micah Dubinko’s Web site: Editing Reality

Purchase Micah Dubinko’s book at Barnes and Noble:

XForms Essentials
XForms Essentials

3 Responses to “Podcast: Editing Your Work…Aloud”

  1. Editing Reality » Blog Archive » Interview on The Writing Show Says:

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  2. JTennant Says:

    For years I’ve heard that it’s helpful for a writer to read his/her writing out loud to aid in the editing process, but somehow it took this author’s interview for it to really hit home for me. Almost immediately after listening to Micah Dubinko I started reading my own work out loud, and was amazed at what a difference it made. Hearing my own words, rather than just seeing them on the page (where the eye can play tricks on you) brought to the surface some awkward phrasings I might otherwise have missed, and even revealed some glaring errors that I’m still shocked I’d overlooked.
    I’ve also checked out his website, which has been added to my Favorites list.

  3. Administrator Says:

    Wow–what a great comment, J! Thanks so much for letting us know. I will forward your comment to Micah.

    Paula B.