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Storytelling in Videogames

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With Tim King of “be the story,” a blog and podcast



Storytelling is becoming increasingly important in games. Changing gamer demographics, increasing sophistication among developers, and other factors are helping to expand the field so much that game companies are now hiring writers to work alongside programmers and artists.

This week, we visit with Tim King, a software engineer, writer, musician, and story enthusiast, who has had a long love affair with story-based videogames. Tim produces “be the story,” a podcast about stories and telling them.

In this fascinating interview, we explore the world of story-based games, including:

  • Which types of games feature stories
  • How developers integrate game play with storytelling
  • How players interact with and experience games that feature strong stories
  • What makes for good and not-so-good storytelling in a game
  • What cut scenes are and how they affect game play
  • What some of the best games with stories are.

Interviewee: Tim King
Host: Paula B
Date: May 14, 2006
Running time: 47:17 minutes
File size: 37 megabytes
Rating: G
Tim King’s Web sites: be the story; JTSE.COM

2 Responses to “Podcast: Storytelling in Videogames”

  1. Zonie Says:

    I thought this was a very interesting interview, Paula. You asked Tim some great questions and he gave some very interesting answers.

    I’m going to replay this podcast for my 16 year old son who is an avid gamer, and let us compare notes since I’m a fiction writer.

    Bravo, well done! Your podcasts are really good. I’m hooked!


  2. Administrator Says:

    I’m so glad you like Tim’s interview, Vicki. He really knows his stuff.

    Have you listened to Kristy and Leander harding’s show? You may enjoy that one too. It’s about the game they’re writing–Times Like These.

    Thank you for your kind remarks. Let me know what else you’d like to hear about!

    Best regards,
    Paula B.