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Writing for Technical and Trade Publications

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With Denise Rockhill, Jenny Kasza, and Rachael Zimmerman of NaSPA, the Network and Systems Professionals Association



Denise, left. Jenny, center. Rachael, right.



Writing for technical and trade publications can confer benefits above and beyond simple payment. Believe it or not, Writing Show host Paula B. started her writing career that way. What’s involved in this kind of writing, and how can you get started? The answers come from three publishing experts at an information technology association, NaSPA, the Network and Systems Professionals Association.

Denise Rockhill has more than ten years’ experience in niche publication marketing, advertising sales, editorial acquisition, and publishing.

Jenny Kasza began her tenure with NaSPA as editor of Technical Support magazine and is currently involved with that and other technical magazines.

Rachael Zimmermann edits Network Support magazine. Both she and Jenny work closely with writers to acquire editorial content for their specific publication. They also shape editorial direction, perform copy editing, and manage production. They work with advisory review boards to determine the quality of incoming articles and guide writers through the writing process.

Join Denise, Jenny, Rachael, and host Paula B. as they explore how to write for technical and trade publications, including:

  • How they find writers for their publications
  • What they look for in their writers
  • How writers can benefit from being published in technical and trade magazines
  • What the writing and editing process entails
  • How long the production process usually takes
  • What sorts of unrealistic expectations some writers have
  • How to write a great how-to article.

There are a few rough spots in the audio on this podcast, but 99% of it is in great shape!

Interviewees: Denise Rockhill, Jenny Kasza, and Rachael Zimmerman
Host: Paula B.
Date: April 24, 2006
Running time: 32:16 minutes
File size: 26 megabytes
Rating: G
The NaSPA Web site: NaSPA