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One Writer’s Challenges

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With Deborah Straw, author of The Healthy Pet Manual: A Guide to the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer

Deborah Straw with Wanda the Bearded Lady


The life of a writer includes many challenges. In this fascinating interview, Deborah Straw explains what it was like to research and write her book about cancer in animals and offers her view of the difficulties confronting even the most experienced writers.

Join Deborah and host Paula B. as they discuss:

  • What it was like for a lay person to interview veterinarians
  • How to present sometimes conflicting medical information
  • Whether issues of liability are involved in writing about medicine
  • What’s happening to the relationship between editors and writers
  • How to balance writing with a day job
  • How changes in the publishing industry are affecting writers

Interviewee: Deborah Straw
Host: Paula B.
Date: February 6, 2006
Running time: 40:58 minutes
File size: 30 megabytes
Rating: G


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Healthy Pet Manual: A Guide to the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer
Healthy Pet Manual: A Guide to the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer

Natural Wonders of the Florida Keys
Natural Wonders of the Florida Keys

4 Responses to “Podcast: One Writer’s Challenges”

  1. ahlambert Says:

    Are you tired of the yelling and name-calling that is so common in so-called news and information broadcasts? How would you like to sit back, relax and enjoy listening to two mature adults having a friendly, warm, insightful and informative conversation about writing in today’s world? Are you interested in learning about some of the latest information regarding your pet’s health? Or are you perhaps interested in some of the most effective ways to do research for your next writing project? How would you like to hear someone’s experience in trying, successfully, to get published? Would you like to hear how a fellow author weathers the ups and downs of a writer’s life?

    If you can answer yes to any of the above questions, then listen to the February 6, 2006, interview of author Deborah Straw at You’ll get those answers and much more. Paula B., the host of The Writing Show, intelligently and amiably guides us through a talk with Ms. Straw, long-time educator and author of two books, The Healthy Pet Manual: A Guide to the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer and Natural Wonders of the Florida Keys From Paula B.’s first greeting of Ms. Straw, the listener is drawn into what seems to be a conversation between old friends. Paula B. is sociable without being obsequious and Ms. Straw is knowledgeable without being pedantic. Paula’s comfortable and comprehensive questions allow Ms. Straw to candidly reveal what she has learned in her over 20 years’ of experience in the writing field. Paula even strays from her script of pre-arranged questions as one branch of their conversation interests her so much, she wants to delve deeper. And we want her to! Because we are interested as well.

    So if you have free few minutes, treat yourself by logging on to and scroll down to the February 6th show. You’ll learn, you’ll enjoy, you’ll once again appreciate the near-lost art of the intelligent interview.

  2. Administrator Says:

    Wow! Thank you for that wonderful review, AHLambert! What lovely feedback. (Oh, the pressure to live up to it! )

    Paula B.

  3. ahlambert Says:

    Don’t worry. I think you’re a natural.

  4. Administrator Says:

    Thank you. You’re too kind.

    Paula B.