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The View from Ireland, Featuring Guest Host Mick Halpin

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With Kevin Stevens, author of The Rizzoli Contract and Song for Katya



What happens when two literary ex-pats living in Ireland get together for a few beers? Find out in this free-ranging discussion between guest host Mick Halpin and author Kevin Stevens as they compare notes on literature, publishing, writing, and leaving home.

Join us as Kevin describes:

  • What it’s like to emigrate from the U.S. to Ireland
  • Why it took 25 years for him to publish a novel
  • Who’s hot in Irish literature today
  • How American, English, and Irish literature compare
  • How he came to write a novel about the Cold War
  • Why he likes to work with proactive editors
  • How publishing in Ireland and the U.S. differ

Interviewee: Kevin Stevens
Host: Mick Halpin
Date: January 30, 2006
Running time: 58:14 minutes
File size: 42 megabytes
Rating: G
Kevin Stevens’ Web site:
Mick Halpin’s Web site:


Purchase Kevin’s books from Barnes & Noble

The Rizzoli Contract
The Rizzoli Contract

6 Responses to “Podcast: The View from Ireland”

  1. Banjax Says:

    Hi Paula

    I enjoyed the podcast of The view from Ireland and in particular I was interested in the process of “serving your time” in developing a writing style. I was wondering do writing communities on the internet now provide an educational environment for writers to develop? What sites other than and are there out there that provide writers with community based non-profit services? Have any writers established themselves as authors with the help of these sites and which sites have been most helpful. I would like to suggest a topic for podcast on A review of writing communties on the internet., what they offer and who is the most successful?

  2. Administrator Says:

    Hi, Banjax,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the interview with Kevin Stevens, Banjax.

    Great topic! Let me just be sure I understand exactly what you’re looking for. When you say community-based nonprofit services, what do you mean?

    BTW, is it okay for me to read your comment on the podcast?



  3. Banjax Says:

    Hi Paula

    What I mean is on all the services such as editorial and publishing support, are offered free. However sites such as seem to offer a mixture of free and profit making services. Then there are sites which are psuedo communities because they offer services for profit subscription only. Significantly what ABC and writing, have in common is that they display the number of users they have on the fornt page of their web sites.

    I think it would interesting for writers to find out which sites offer the best free services.

    Yes feel free to read comments on Podcast.

    Chris Theron

  4. Administrator Says:

    Okay, I get it. Thanks, Banjax!

    And I will be reading your comments on next week’s show with Deborah Straw.

    Thanks so much for the great ideas. Keep ‘em coming.


  5. Banjax Says:

    Hi Paula

    I am happy that the ideas are useful. I look forward to next weeks show.


    Chris Theron

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