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If being recognized as an author is your dream but your writing career is stuck in neutral, maybe it’s time for a little push. 

Writing Show producer and host Paula Berinstein (Paula B.) offers expert story and nonfiction consulting in a supportive, confidential environment. Paula is the author of seven published books and dozens of magazine and newspaper articles.

I offer:

One-on-one help

I work with fiction and nonfiction only. No poetry, screenplays, or stage plays.

Everyone who purchases consulting services receives a free copy of Paula B.'s ebook Unlock Your Creativity: 52 Exercises for Writers!

"When top agents began showing interest in our latest book but suggested that it needed some additional story and character development, we engaged Paula to help us. In practically no time, she grasped our complex sci-fi time-travel thriller, wrote three tiers of outlines, and provided a full analysis of its strength and flaws. She assessed our story against multiple story structures; made countless suggestions to increase reader interest, boost suspense, and develop our characters; and helped us bring out the theme in our story. But most of all, we felt she really understood what we were trying to say. She got it. Through it all, Paula was a pleasure to work with. Her advice was gentle and guiding, and it was obvious she knew her stuff, as she was a wealth of knowledge regarding story, character, and dialogue. She was also a source of inspiration for many good ideas. As a result, we now have a much improved book with a strong theme, higher suspense, greater conflict, and more compelling characters. We highly recommend Paula's services, and we plan on working with Paula for years to come." --Edward Miller and Jerry Manas "Paula’s professional eye has helped me to craft a novel of which I’m immensely proud, and one that I know couldn’t get any better. She is a complete professional; knowledgeable, skilful, and 100% approachable all of the time. Paula went to amazing lengths to ensure no aspect of my novel was overlooked, and was always open to discussions on this or the publishing industry in general. Her insight and dedication were more than I expected and certainly more than I could have hoped for. As a result of her tireless efforts, I now have a polished manuscript and several different length synopses ready for the world, and in fact, I received a very favourable reply from the first agent I approached. I would recommend Paula to anyone (and have been), and will be calling upon her often in the years to come. Here’s to you, Paula!" --Marty Young - Australian Horror Writers Association Founding President, 2005-2010
"It's not always easy working with writers; the egos, the authorial control, the tightly defined visions of our stories. Paula has the special kind of patience and knowledge that is required for the task. She knows when to encourage and when to be firm, when to nudge and when to acquiesce. Best of all, she knows hows to listen. Paula's professionalism and attention to detail are also noteworthy. I am very satisfied with her services." -- Mayowa Atte "Paula goes above and beyond the call of duty when guiding a writer. Her strategies are flawless, and she is so easy to work with. She gave me new eyes to sort out my complex plot and comprise a solid synopsis. I am in awe."-- Sheri Larsen
"Before enlisting the help of Paula's very thoughtful editing services, I was so protective of my first novel that it scarcely saw the light of day. However, with her gentle guidance and comprehensive feedback, I was able to draw up a map of where and how to begin the revision process I so needed. I would recommend her to any writers hoping to gain some insight into and direction for their work. " -- Bridget Johnson


"Paula's services are invaluable. She worked with me on each chapter of my book until the writing was tight and polished. She's extremely accessible and was so supportive of my work. My writing is definitely better because of her. I feel confident now when sending my book to agents that I'm sending my best work. I'll never work with anyone else. I highly recommend Paula."-- Kim Wollenburg
"Therapeutic! I highly recommend Paula's mentoring service!" -- Deb Mukherjee "I knew working with Paula was going to be helpful, but her insights and encouragement have been truly inspiring." -- Scott Middlemist
"Query letter - those two words can strike fear and terror in the best of writers. Drafting the query letter was usually where I balked. Working with Paula B. helped me to discern what to include and what to leave out. Her coaching was a lot like writer-therapy, helping me see what was truly important and how to present that in the correct way in a query letter."-- Sudie Sepassi Crouch After collecting nearly two dozen rejection letters on my debut novel, I realized I needed help. Critique groups and beta readers were helpful, but not enough. It wasn't until I hired Paula that I understood how stories needed to be structured so as to attract a publisher and readers. She helped me take my writing to the next level. I highly recommend her services. She is knowledgeable, professional and respectful, without pulling any punches. She is much more than an editor. She is a mentor in the truest sense of the word. Just what I needed!" -- Dharma Kelleher
"Paula’s knowledge, professionalism, and keen eye for detail were invaluable in helping me get my novel to the query stage. I was amazed at the thoroughness of her critique and would recommend her services to any writer whose goal is to produce a professional looking and publishable final product." -- Carol J. Bro Paula's feedback has not only been more than helpful, but it has increased my need to make my work better than better. Her tactics are not the usual. She does not 'tell' you what she thinks you should do. She does not 'tell' you how to make your story shine. She pokes and prods and asks you questions until you come up with ideas on your own. She pushes you in the right direction, twists your mind to think in ways it isn't used to. She certainly knows which buttons to press. And she knows these buttons because she takes enormous care and time to know your writing better than the back of her own hand before uttering a single word about it. At the end of the day, not only have you come out with an outstanding critique and the encouragement and extraordinary motivation to keep pushing yourself to achieve the best, you come out with new and insightful knowledge; knowledge that one generally can't come by unless one enrols in a creative writing course. Paula is definitely high on my recommendations list. In fact, now that I come to think of it, I don't think there has been a single person who I have been more pleased with or trusted with my beloved prose. -- Jessica C. Bell