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"Online talk radio limps a bit in terms of reaching readers, and not every show is worthy of your limited time. Few writers make much of an impact in their sales with Internet radio. The Writing Show is the exception to the rule. "

C. Hope Clark, Funds for Writers

"One of the things that makes The Writing Show so useful is that Paula B is such a mensch. Lots of people can help you deal with the sting of rejection by telling you how great you were, but what a writer wants most is to write better. Paula really cares about good writing, and brings a mix of acumen, generosity and personal warmth to her work that shines through everything she does. Paula is a real friend to the aspiring writer."

Matt Leo

Since 2005, The Writing Show has provided engaging information and inspiration for writers of all kinds. We deliver high-quality, in-depth interviews, reality shows, and other features designed to shed light on some aspect of writing, publishing, and other topics of interest to people who write or aspire to do so.

Paula Berinstein

Writing Show producer Paula B.

Writing Show producer Paula B.

Producer and Host

Paula Berinstein (Paula B) is the author of seven geeky nonfiction books, including Making Space Happen and Business Statistics on the Web, and numerous magazine articles. Paula has been "Publishing Trends" columnist for Searcher magazine, ran her own research business serving the entertainment and other industries for 15 years, and has been a computer programmer, systems analyst, and librarian.

She has a B.A. in English and an M.L.S. in library science with a specialty in information science, both from UCLA.

Paula considers herself first and foremost a journalist. Her heroes are Jim Lehrer and Margaret Warner of the PBS NewsHour, whom she admires for their low-key manners and thoughtful questions.

Blake Snyder, 1957-2009

Writing Show commentator Blake Snyder

Screenwriting commentator Blake Snyder


Screenwriting guru Blake Snyder died on August 4th.

There was no one in the world like Blake. He helped so many people become better writers. He was always upbeat, ever offering encouragement and support. He was a treasure, and we will miss him.

Our condolences to his family and friends.

Condolences, tributes, and reminiscences:

Jaci Stephen

The Hollywood Reporter

Dennis Willis on

Howard Burkons

David Augustyn

Mark Familton

Wendy and Wayne

Jose Silerio

Blake's Screenwriting Commentary on The Writing Show

October 8, 2008: "Working with Theme in Your Screenplay"

November 12, 2008: "How to Bury Exposition in Your Screenplay"

December 10, 2008: "How to End Your Screenplay"

February 1, 2009: "Screenwriting Is Fun!"

March 1, 2009: "The Two Types of Heroes"

Blake Snyder wrote Save the Cat! The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need and Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies: The Screenwriter’s Guide to Every Story Ever Told. His Web site at is still very much alive.

Listen to our tribute to Blake, which features some of his friends, colleagues, and students

Alanna Klapp

Writing Show guest host Alanna Klapp

Writing Show guest host Alanna Klapp

Guest host

Alanna Klapp is a freelance writer, and a contributing writer and social media manager for Hope for Women Magazine. She has contributed AP Style news articles and columns for the Cuyahoga Falls Patch. She placed second in the Lea Leever Oldham essay contest in 2005, and second in the Procrastinating Writers Blog essay contest in 2010. In September 2010, Alanna presented on the Q and A Panel at the 27th Annual Western Reserve Writers Conference & Workshop at Lakeland Community College in Kirtland, Ohio on how to "Jumpstart Your Writing Life," which received an enthusiastic response. She blogs about writing at The Chipper Writer and contributes to the Cleveland Browns blog Bitter Orange and Brown. In 2002, she graduated from Kent State University with a bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising, and minors in marketing and writing.

Mick Halpin

Writing Show guest host Mick Halpin

Writing Show guest host Mick Halpin

Guest Host

Born in Iowa, Mick Halpin now resides in Dublin, Ireland. After earning a BA in History, Mick taught school for three years in South Louisiana and then worked briefly in the publishing industry in Orlando. A nine-to-five job in the IT industry now enables him to devote evenings to book fandom. Mick was a senior fiction editor at NFG Magazine and still heartily recommends the original, innovative fiction available in back issues.

Since May 2005, Mick has been webmaster of Critical Mick: “Reviews Free of Rules.” His “Unruly Reviews” of Irish and crime fiction try to capture the reviewed book’s spirit and flavor. Often they fail, but he hopes they provide entertaining reading all the same. The site also features author interviews, news, and some offbeat notes on ex-pat living.

Listen to Mick's Writing Show interviews:

The View from Ireland, with Kevin Stevens
Wearing Many Hats: It’s Just About Wanting to Write, with John MacKenna
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A Conversation with Irish Horror Writer/Filmmaker Darryl Sloan

Jeffrey R. DeRego

Writing Show commentator Jeff DeRego

Writing Show commentator Jeffrey R. DeRego


Jeffrey R. DeRego is a “know it all loudmouth” who lives in Derry, New Hampshire (one-time home of both America’s poet, Robert Frost, and America’s first man to orbit the earth, Alan Shepard). He has a wife, Cindy; two amazing kids, Ian and Margaret; two cats; and one horse. Jeff is the author of the Union Dues series of stories, among others, available for free download from Escape Pod. He also writes under the pseudonym Big McLargehuge for

Try Jeff and his son Ian's challenge vocabulary words.

David Schembri

Writing Show artist David Schembri

Official Writing Show artist David Schembri

Official Writing Show artist