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Getting Published with Mark Leslie - Episode 1

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With horror writer Mark Leslie




Welcome to our reality show, “Getting Published.”

In this series we’ll follow the efforts of various writers as they work on their books, look for agents and publishers, go through the publishing process, and embark on their marketing. We’ll look at their proposals, writing, query letters, and marketing plans and share in their reactions as they hear, or don’t hear, from agents and editors.

During the journey, we’ll ask for your comments and make them available on the show and our blog. In that way, even though each series is one writer’s story, their work will become a kind of collaboration between them and you, our listeners. We hope that the show will provide insight into the publishing process and help guide you in your own efforts.

Shows will be posted on a semi-regular schedule—whenever our writers have something to report or listeners have offered feedback—but not less often than once a month.

With this episode, we introduce dark fiction writer Mark Leslie.

Ever wondered what goes on inside the mind of a horror writer? Now’s your chance to find out. We’ll be following Mark’s struggles as he attempts to complete and find an agent for his unpublished novel A Canadian Werewolf in New York.

Mark Leslie Lefebvre, who writes under the name Mark Leslie, drops his surname when writing, claiming it makes his name easier to spell and pronounce. For the past fifteen years he has been published in magazines across North America, in the anthologies Stardust and Bluffs, and in the book One Hand Screaming.

He is also is the series editor for the science fiction anthology North of Infinity.

While most of Mark’s writing tends to be in horror and science fiction, he has written a “regular” novel, Morning Son, which is currently being shopped around, and which won a Writing Show first-chapter-of-a-novel honorable mention.

He is in the middle of completing the first draft of A Canadian Werewolf in New York and is using his guest spot on The Writing Show as motivation to get the novel finished.

In episode 1 of “Getting Published, with Mark Leslie,” we introduce Mark, his book, and his goals, including:

  • How he got started writing
  • Why he writes
  • Why he writes horror
  • What his book is about
  • Where he is in the process
  • How he plans to seek publication
  • How he gets started with new projects
  • How he develops his characters
  • What his writing and publishing goals are.

We invite you to offer your feedback on Mark’s story by commenting on our blog and/or writing to Paula B. at paula at writingshow dot com. You can also send your feedback to Mark at mark at or comment on one of his blogs (see addresses below).


Next time, we’ll check in with Mark as he plunges into NaNoWiMo (National Novel Writing Month) and attempts to finish his first draft of A Canadian Werewolf in New York.

Interviewee: Mark Leslie
Host: Paula B
Date: October 9, 2006
Running time: 01:01:25
File size: 45 megabytes
Rating: G
Mark Leslie’s Web sites:
I, Death” - A Serial Thriller In Blog Format
North of Infinity II - Released June 2006
One Hand Screaming - Short Story Collection
Prelude To A Scream - Experimental Podcast on my Writing